Plaid Patchwork
felt brooches embroidered with beads and bugles
Quilted Hankie Case
Elegant flower brooch
Gymsack Soccer Style
Yellow-white flower brooch
Flower Brooches with Bast
Accordion Book
Little Pouches
Crepe flowers

Gift Wrap Paper - Upcycled Scraps

Geschenk verpackt in Patchwork-Papier

Could you imagine X-mas without beautifully wrapped gifts? Lots of them ... Unpacking is as much part of the festive ceremonies as a tree and cookies (and others, of course). But, what after the packages have been unwrapped? Isn't it a pity to throw all those nice papers away? Let's go and recycle them! read more...

Plaid Patchwork Purse

Patchwork-Täschchen aus Wollkaro

It's well known to everyone who sews: fabric scraps and remainders tend to pile up over time remarkably. Sorting through a long abandoned carton I came across the brown plaid which, believe it or not, has been there for more than 30 years. What to do with it? read more...

Embroidered Felt Brooches

felt brooches embroidered with beads and bugles

It's almost winter again. When temperatures drop below, say, 10°C for good, we pull out our warm clothes along with all the stuff that just doesn't feel right in summer. Like felt accessories. You don't have any yet? Try these beautiful dark red acorn leaves! read more...

Leaf Shaped Bast Ornaments

Bast leaves

In the days before autumn winds strip down the last leaves from almost naked trees, most of us wish we could preserve the colourful beauty a little longer. We collect leaves and scatter them right on the tabletop for decoration. But before we know, they dry up.

What about leaves that will survive in a box or drawer, made from bast, not overly realistic ones, but all the more flexible to your decoration needs? read more...

Quilted Hankie Case

Gequiltetes Taschentuch-Etui

It’s always a good idea to have a paper tissue handy. I keep some in almost every room, as well as in my handbag and in the car. In an apartment, those little white helpers can easily hide in boxes that are around for decorative purposes anyway, but for the pack in your handbag you'd need an appropriate case. One that's individual, and pretty enough to be shown off - like this one ... read more...

Flower Brooch - Light and Classy

Flower brooch

Wouldn't this brooch make quite a statement - if certainly an unconventional one - on a festive garment? The light and fresh colours, the clearly structured shape ... read more...

Gymsack Soccer Style

Kleiner Sportbeutel in Fußball-Optik

Cars are sporting little flags, vuvuzelas are buzzing everywhere - the Soccer World Cup is about to enter its critical stage. Fans' eyes are slowly morphing into soccer balls.

This is the time for a cool, soccery gymsack to make for your boy! The more so as enthusiasm for soccer isn't going away after the Soccer World Cup, right? And the Premier League Season is on the horizon already ... read more...

Flower Brooches with Bast

Flower Brooch

A t-shirt, a pair of jeans, a happily coloured extra - and you are ready for the sun. These flower brooches are literally breathing summer mood. They not only fit in with casual outfits, but as well match a linen suit or a little black  dress. Or put one of them on a straw hat ... read more...

Yellow-white Flower Brooch

Weiß-gelbe Blütenbrosche und Ohrhänger

The sun is getting warmer, nature is in blossoms everywhere. Sidewalk cafés are again brimming with people. It's time to pull out those light and bright summer colours, right? Spice them up with summer accessories like this sunny yellow and white flower brooch and earrings! read more...

Hankie Pouches

Stoffsäckchen gestreift und uni

Where do you put a hankie, if neither shirt nor pants have pockets? Cuffs, bra ...? Most of us would stash it behind a pile of paper or under a pillow - and forget about it.

No longer. From now on handkerchiefs will have a pretty place of their own. Sew one of these cute, little pouches to match your interior decoration and carry it around. Or, better still, make one for every room! read more...